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Terms and conditions

Pre Requisite

1. User can be an individual or  a company.

2. User need to register before bidding the amount

3. Once registered, user can login to the system and bid any available Vehicle

4. User can bid and rebid any number of time for a particular Vehicle till the auction is closed

5. Payment can be done through online or as directed by the company, if the bid was awarded to the user.



1. In some cases, a minimum deposit amount should be paid before bidding.

2. Deposit amount may vary from Vehicle to Vehicle

3. There may be cases, where no deposit amount is allotted for some product, where user can directly bid

4. Once the auction is due, a payment link will be send to the awarded user, to pay and purchase

5. If the awarded user failed to pay the amount within provided timeframe, the second highest bidder shall be considered


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